The Procurement Process for four Developmental projects under Capital Region will be commenced soon

Kabul, 14 Aug 2016: The Internal budget committee meeting held under leadership of H.E Dipl. Eng. Alham Omar Hotaki – Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Capital Region Independent Development Authority (CRIDA).

In the meeting, the deputy director of Finance and Procurement presented a framework for budget program of FY 1395 and requested the start of procurement process of the four approved projects of CRIDA such as Disposal of Surface waters in Kabul city, Cleaning of Kabul Logar River, Design and construction of Agro – Industrial Park in Barikab and Construction of Stone Roods.

Lastly, H.E. Dipl. Eng. Alham Omar Hotaki – CEO of CRIDA instructed the relevant divisions to quickly start the procurement process of the above projects.