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Location, Boundaries and Area of Capital Region

The areas located within the Capital Region are as follows:

  1. Kabul Province
    • All precincts of Kabul Metropolitan City
    • District Dehsabz
    • District Kalakan
    • District Qara Bagh
    • District Guldara
    • District Farza
    • District Estalif
    • District Shakardara
    • District Paghman
    • District Char Asyab
    • District Bagrami
    • Surubi
  2. Maidan Shahr of Maidan Wardak Province
  3. Charikar City, Jabal Siraj district, Saidkhail district and Bagram district of Parwan Province
  4. Mahmud Raqi and Kohistanat districts of Kapisa Province
  5. Pul-e-Alam City, Mohammad Agha and Khoshi districts of Logar Province


The total area of the Capital Region is 7735km2