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Expected Outcomes

Following are various expected outcomes from the CDRA development programs:

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Establishment of good governance


  • Introduction of new and modern system of governance.
  • Capacity development of professionals at all levels for enhancing good governance.
  • Introduction of balanced work system through e-governance.
  • Supporting the outcomes of activities from implementation of projects by various governmental organizations.


Balanced urban development in the Capital Region


  • Use of national and international standards in the urban development practices.
  • Encouragement and promotion of public private partnerships (PPP) in the development of modern cities.
  • Decreasing the gap between the quality of lives within cities and villages and taking social and economic measures in a balanced manner.
  • Linkages and networking of cities and economic decentralization for balanced development of cities and employment generation within the Capital Region.
  • Stimulating the tourist industry and mobility and promoting the attraction of tourists in the Capital Region.


Creation of economic activities


  • Providing opportunities for private sector development and their participation in the national economic development process.
  • Accelerating the pace of economic growth and proving an appropriate foundation for economic and commercial activities.
  •  Paving the way for economic and cultural activities through restoration of Bagh Omumi Kabul (Kabul Central Park) and rebuilding of Kabul traditional markets.
  • Decentralization of economic centers from Kabul city to the surroundings for better access by the residents for work and business.
  • Promoting the access of residents to retail and wholesale business activities and creation of new economic centers through linkages with neighboring provinces. (Positive steps towards economic development of neighboring provinces).
  • Balanced development and progress in cultural and recreational areas within the Capital Region by utilization of recreational and cultural areas in the South (Mohammad Agha district).
  • Creation of required commercial areas along the Kabul-Jabal Siraj highway.
  • Growth of national products and positive impacts on the overall Grand Domestic Products (GDP).


Upgrading,  renovation and improving  the quality of unplanned settlements

  • Better utilization of land for economic activities and improving the quality of lives of the residents.
  • Providing a suitable platform for better services and welfare for the residents.
  • Promotion of urban life and increasing access to public facilities by connectivity with city centers.


Development of basic infrastructure


  • Avoiding traffic jams during rainfall events.
  • Preventing early damages of roads.
  • Effective use of surface water for recharge of groundwater.
  • Improvement in the physical environment of Kabul.
  • Better conditions for development of industries.
  • Promotion of standards for commodities for better usage of national and agricultural products for export.
  • Promotion of multi-storey cark parks for the first time in the country and facilitating private sector investment in the service sector.
  • Paving the way for better urban transportation and conveyance of freight.