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Goals and Objectives

  1. Development of facilities within the Capital Region in coordination with relevant agencies of urban sector by planning designing and implementation of certain developmental projects
  2. Assessment of current capacity within CRIDA and building capacity in relevant sectors as needed
  3. Preparation of plans for more effective use of government land within the Capital Region
  4. Establishment of good urban governance practices
  5. Expansion and development of Capital Region in a feasible, sustainable manner and revival of its historical value
  6. Establishment of regional networks and economic integration among cities within the Capital Region
  7. Decentralization of population and economic activities to cities within the Capital Region
  8. Providing employment opportunities, social welfare and preventing out of the country migration
  9. Effective utilization of existing land resources and poverty alleviation through development of the Capital Region
  10. Promotion of women participation in the management of cities within the Capital Region
  11. Increasing opportunities for youth participation in the development and management of cities within the Capital Region
  12. Bringing about a fundamental economic & social change within the Capital Region to act as a role model for the entire country