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Long-term Projects

  1. Construction of industrial and logistics Park at Surubi.
Project Name Location Province/City Description Economic Analysis
Development of Industrial and logistics Park at Surubi Surubi Kabul/Surubi For balanced development in the capital region it is proposed to shift the heavy industries parks from Kabul to Surubi. In order to develop heavy industries park, 509 ha of land has been considered. In the first stage, it is proposed to develop about 100 ha of the park during a five year period.
  • Providing facilities and opportunities for the establishment of heavy industries in the capitla region.
  • Positive impacts on trade balance by increasing the domestic products (reduction of imports)
  • Direct impact on growth of mines extraction and utilization of local natural resources.
  • Development of regional heavy industries and familiarizing the industrialists with modern industrial technologies.
  • Growth of domestic products and impact on overall GDP.
  • The cost of this project is 16.2% of the total cost of projects for creation of economic activities.
  • Creation of job opportunities for skilled labor (5.1%) and unskilled labor (6.1%) out of all the projects within the category of creation of economic activities)