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Short-term Projects

  1. Development of first agro-industrial Park at Barikab.
  2. Resolving the problem floodwater of Kabul City.
  3. Cleaning of Kabul River in the city areas
  4. Upgrading of unplanned areas of Yaka Toot, Pul-i-Charkhi, Dasht-i-Barchi, Gul Bagh and construction of residential buildings on top of Kabul city hills.
  5. Construction of Surkhab Road from Kandahari bridge till Surkhab dam (about 15.36 km long).
  6. Construction of stone roads in Taimany and Shah Shaheed areas.
  7. Development of the first project of phase 1 of Kabul New City (parcel 2.2).

Note: the above-mentioned projects were endorsed in the cabinet meeting dated 25 Hamal 1395.