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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main priorities programs for the Capital Region:

The main priorities program for the Capital Region are:

  1. Establishment of good governance
  2. Balanced urban development in the Capital Region
  3. Creation of economic activities
  4. Upgrading, renovation and improving the quality of unplanned settlements
  5. Development of basic infrastructure

What are the implementation result of CRIDA plans?

The major implementation’s result of CRIDA plans are as below:

  1. Socio-Economic Development
  2. Creation of Job Opportunities
  3. Reduction of Poverty

What are the short term projects of CRIDA?

The Short term projects of CRIDA are:

  1. Development of first Agro-industrial Park at Barikab
  2. Resolving the problem floodwater of Kabul City
  3. Cleaning of Kabul-Logar River and building Charchata Market on a portion above the river
  4. Upgrading of unplanned areas of Yaka Toot, Pul-i-Charkhi, Dasht-i-Barchi, Gul Bagh and construction of residential buildings on top of Kabul city hills.
  5. Construction of Surkhab Road from Kandahari bridge till Surkhab dam (about 15.36 km long)
  6. Construction of stone roads in Taimany and Shah Shaheed areas

Which districts of Kabul province are involved in CRIDA?

The Kabul province comprising the Kabul city and the following districts:

  1. Dehsabz
  2. Mirbacha kot
  3. Kalakan
  4. Qara Bagh
  5. Guldara
  6. Farza
  7. Estalif
  8. Shakardara
  9. Paghman
  10. Char Asyab
  11. Mosahee
  12. Khak-i-Jabar
  13. Bagrami
  14. Surubi