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The Capital Region of Afghanistan comprises Kabul, Wardak, Logar, Kapisa and Parwan Provinces. The total area of the Capital Region is 7,735 km2. In order to create safe urban environment and tackle the problems caused by ever increasing population growth in the capital of Afghanistan considering the concentrated economic activities & service provisions, Dehsabz-Barikab City Development Authority (DCDA) has been promoted to Capital Region Independent Development Authority (CRIDA) as per the Presidential Decree No. 44 dated 23rd June 2016 and based on Cabinet Resolution No. 3 dated 30th April 2016 of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. CRIDA is an independent budgetary unit and government profitable entity within the organizational structure of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. CRIDA, not only develops Kabul New City project but also pave the ways for development of Capital Region with broader vision. 


Goals and Objectives

  1. Development of facilities within the Capital Region in coordination with relevant agencies of urban sector by planning designing and implementation of certain developmental projects

  2. Assessment of current capacity within CRIDA and building capacity in relevant sectors as needed

  3. Preparation of plans for more effective use of government land within the Capital Region

  4. Establishment of good urban governance practices

  5. Expansion and development of Capital Region in a feasible, sustainable manner and revival of its historical value

  6. Establishment of regional networks and economic integration among cities within the Capital Region

  7. Decentralization of population and economic activities to cities within the Capital Region

  8. Providing employment opportunities, social welfare and preventing out of the country migration

  9. Effective utilization of existing land resources and poverty alleviation through development of the Capital Region

  10. Promotion of women participation in the management of cities within the Capital Region

  11. Increasing opportunities for youth participation in the development and management of cities within the Capital Region

  12. Bringing about a fundamental economic & social change within the Capital Region to act as a role model for the entire country

CRIDA Vision

  1.  Transforming the Capital Region by turning it into a mega city that is clean, full of greenery, cultured with booming industries and commerce, sports and tourism and ultimately a city with all facilities that are available in any modern city of the world

  2.  Building a city that is free of ethnic, linguistic, racial and religious prejudices

  3. Promoting urban culture and enhancing the standard of city life through development of the Capital Region

  4. Development of cities (through decentralization for balanced development) within the Capital Region by protecting the originality, historical value and organic linkages with the existing Kabul city to transform the entire capital zone into a symbol of national unity

Major Responsibilities


  1. Implementation of the Master Plan for Kabul New City and Greater Kabul as part of Capital Region as per national and international standards

  2. Planning, designing and implementation of development projects within the Capital Region

  3. Encouraging the private sector to participate in the development of the Capital Region through various types of public private partnerships in coordination with the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing

  4. Establishment of economic, industrial, agricultural, residential and recreational zones

  5. Development of residential cities, establishment of administrative and diplomatic enclaves within the Greater Kabul taking into account technical, financial, economic and legal considerations and as per the approved master plans by the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing

  6. Upgrading informal settlements and preventing further expansion of illegal and unplanned settlements founded on linguistic, religious and ethnic basis

  7. Creation of economic and commercial activities for better employment opportunities within the Capital Region to improve the quality of life

  8. Conducting surveys, investigations and research studies by using nationally and internationally accepted methodologies for the implementation of commercial, agricultural and economic plans in the Capital Region

  9. Preparation and implementation of economic and financial plans for partially developed and fully developed government lands under the greater Kabul Master Plan

  10. Development of new plans and amending the already available plans for maximum utilization of government land under the approved master plans by the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing for increasing the financial, economic and social effectiveness

  11. Development of compact plans for selected areas and creating linkages within the Capital Region by making use of effective economic strategies

  12. Improving the environmental, social and cultural conditions of Kabul for reviving the originality of Kabul and enhancing the identity of old Kabul

  13. Feasibility studies for recreational parks to be built in destroyed gardens of old Kabul

  14. Feasibility studies for the construction of urban wastewater networks and residential areas within the Kabul city & hills and carrying out actions that encourage community participation to implement such initiatives

  15. Any other tasks assigned by His Excellency, the President or High Council for Urban Development to CRIDA