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Stone Roads

  • April 11 2019
  • Eng. Ramin Mirzada

Road networks make a main component of land transportation which connect villages, districts, cities and countries. Stone roads are the preliminary type of road network which were built thousands of years ago in different parts of the globe and still different types of stone roads (fabricated and natural) are being constructed in cities and villages.

Stone is a natural construction material that is found in different shapes and sizes, and is used for pavement of roads, streets, and buildings. Using stones for paving streets is not a new idea. The Romans began paving the Clivus Publicus as early as 238 BC, generally settling on a type of street with large and irregular but interconnected and smoothed stones.

Stone roads and pedestrian pathways have also been constructed in some historical areas in Afghanistan around 100 years ago. Afghanistan has massive amount of quality stones which have not been used in the construction sector. The type and quality of rocks available in the country have distinctive characteristics of strength and quality that are intensively used in the construction industries around the world.

Considering the advantage of stone roads, CRIDA took the initiative for the development of tertiary level stone roads in the capital region where the pilot projects in Taimani and Qalacha area of Kabul city have already been completed. The projects were appreciated and supported by the community for being labor intensive. In order to further promote the type and technology of stone roads construction, CRIDA intends to expand these type of projects in there other urban centers within the capital region.

stone3.jpgThe goals for stone road project are described as follows:

  • To introduce a versatile road paving material from natural stone which is locally available

  • To introduce a labor intensive mechanism for constructing roads, pedestrians and squares in order to provide ample employment opportunities

  • To introduce environmental friendly roads, plazas and pedestrians having natural beauty

  • To enhance the natural and organic beauty of outdoor spaces through artistic pattern and shape design of road and pedestrian surfaces

  • Strengthening the active and physical participation of people for constructing stone roads as labor intensive projects

  • To decrease the cost of road paving using natural and local materials

Considering the availability of gigantic stone mines and large amount of labor, CRIDA has launched the program of stone roads construction in 2016. In addition the development of stone road projects is a good example of creating job opportunities for local inhabitants which CRIDA has the honor of starting these initiatives in Afghanistan.

Eng Mohammad Edris Sadeqi & Eng. Ramin Mirzada