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Job creation, population decentralization and providing investment opportunities are the main goals of economic zones
  • 11:29 am January 05 2020
  • Kabul

The  statement was made by Mr. Merwais Ayoubi, Deputy CEO of CRIDA for Financial and Investment Affairs, during his speech on the last (third) day of the conference of National Partnership for Development and (Aalist-Afghanist) Exhibition held in Kabul.

The three-day conference and exhibition held by Talent Advertising Company with technical support from Capital Region Authority (CRIDA) and a number of other government and non-governmental organizations ended today with the launch of some panels.

On the panel dedicated to CRIDA, Zabihullah Naderi, Sen. Manager of the CRIDA economic zones, delivered an informative presentation on CRIDA’s responsibilities, challenges within capital region, CRIDA fundamental programs and economic zones within the capital region, and highlighted investment opportunities.

 In addition, Mr. Mirwais Ayoubi, , briefed the participants on other aspects of investment, including a wider national perspective on providing necessary facilities for investment in accordance with direction from His Excellency President Ashraf Ghani.

Meanwhile, Samim Amin, representing Ministry of Finance, and Ehsanullah Ehsan, a university lecturer, put forward their suggestions and theories besides backing CRIDA’s programs for establishment of economic zones.