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Chehelston elders share problems with CRIDA
  • 09:58 am February 04 2020
  • Kabul

Local elders and community representatives from Chahelseton, a neighborhood in the 7th district, shared their problems and challenges with Engineer Mohammad Ebrahim, senior advisor at Capital Region Independent Development Authority (CRIDA).

The residents at a meeting in central hall of CRIDA headquarter said that streets in their locality were still muddy which troubled the locals.     

They said that there was a water network in their locality built during the tenure of Dr. Najibullah, but it required reconstruction now.

The elders appreciated CRIDA for its projects based on the priorities of the masses, calling for a CRIDA delegation to pay a visit to their neighborhood to observe the problems faced by them.

During the meeting, CRIDA advisor carefully listened their problems and promised to cooperate with them in tackling the issues.

“Despite the fact that CRIDA projects for 1399 solar year have been already specified in the national budget, I will share the issue with the leadership,” Engineer Ebrahim said.

He stated that given the severity of the problem, sometimes efforts can be made during the fiscal year to finance some projects.

The advisor pledged that a CRIDA delegation would make a visit to the area, saying the organization will use all the resources at its disposal to resolve the problems of the locals.