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Presidential Palace recognizes 33 CRIDA employees
  • 08:38 am July 20 2020
  • Kabul

Arg, the Presidential Palace, recognized performance and efforts of 31 Capital Region Independent Development Authority(CRIDA) staff members for the successful and timely implementation of Jumhoriat Road project and two others for their outstanding struggle against corruption.

Speaking at a gathering to celebrate the achievement, Sami Stanakzai, CRIDA head, said,” Jumhoriat Road was one of the most complex construction projects in the country, but despite all the challenges the project was completed in a short span of time due to CRIDA staff tireless efforts and their commitment to the mission of the organization.”

Congratulating the recognized employees he said that CRIDA staff members have been thrice acknowledged by the Presidential Palace over the past two years, saying that shows their commitment to serve and construct their country which we all take pride in.