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Balanced Urban Development

Balanced development is a key policy objective of the Capital Region 2030. Its use combines a
distributive and integrative meaning, and links this to spatial structure of the region. Balanced
development has a long history in the spatial planning field. It refers to several different
dimensions of the territorial development of regions and sub regions (Parwan, Maidan shahr,
Pole alam, Kabul and Surobi), each involving a different relation of balance.

  • It relates to the distribution of economic activity and access to it across a region

  • It relates to the balance between activities within a region. This could refer to a balance

    between development and infrastructure provision, or between the promotion of

    economic development and the provision of housing and services.

  • It relates to a balanced 'spatial structure', which refers to the availability of spatially-fixed

    assets such as transport infrastructures, across all the regions within Europe. It also

    refers to a balance in the settlement structure, such that towns and cities complement

    each other rather than compete.

  • It relates to balance in time, and parallels the idea that development should be phased so

    that the provision of activities in a development comes on stream in a co-ordinated way.

The aim of achieving balanced development across the Capital region territory strongly echoes
government development policy.

  • Balanced urban development in Capital Region

  • Development of Local Economy and Agriculture

  • Restoration and rehabilitation of culture heritage and historical sites

  • Empowerment women through skills and knowledge

  • Development of new housing schemes

    • Social housing

    • Affordable housing

    • Development of Kabul New City

    • Development of Surobi new City

  • Balanced livability in Capital Region

  • Balanced development of education

  • Balanced development of health

  • Development of balanced security in Capital Region

  • Balance Creation of Business Center

Surobi Master Plan