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Development of Basic Infrastructure

The provision of quality and efficient infrastructure services is essential to realize the full potential
of the growth impulses surging through the economy. Afghanistan, while stepping up public
investment in infrastructure, recently has been actively engaged in involving private sector to
meet the growing demand for instance, vast investment in development of industries and Surobi 2
by Alokozai Group of Companies is a good example.

There is no argument that infrastructure development, both economic and social, is one of the
major determinants of economic growth, especially in developing countries like Afghanistan
as in capital region.

  • Production facilities which stimulate economic activities;

  • Reduces trade costs and improves competitiveness

  • Provides employment opportunities;

  • Alleviates poverty;

  • Improves quality of life.

  • Lack of infrastructure causes production bottlenecks for sustainable growth and poverty

  • alleviation and etc.