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Upgrading and Renovation of Unplanned Settlements

Slum upgrading is often seen as one of the more effective ways of tackling urban poverty, the
approaches taken by slum upgrading policies vary considerably, as do their degrees of
success. The main purpose of this vision is to focus on methodology that how to coupe and
tackle the problems of slums and informal settlement considering more than 70 percent of the
people living in slum.

The methods are 1). Adaptable land readjustment 2).Urban regeneration and 3).Improvement,
the main objectives are as follow:

  • Review and pass the informal settlements upgrading policy;

  • Upgrading programming through CDCs and Gozar assemblies;

  • Local integration of protracted IDP settlements, in line with city master plans;

  • Special projects for women- and youth-led initiatives at CDC and Gozar levels.

  • Undertake mapping of hazard areas where households occupy and relocate

    households to safe locations;

  • Identification, demarcation, and securing of strategic urban renewal sites in five major


  • Develop and approve urban renewal guidelines;

  • Established regulatory framework for land readjustment;

  • I Through existing communities and with the private sector, develop and implement

    urban renewal (e.g. Darluman; Airport Road).


Land readjustment plan for yakatout area


dfd.jpgShows formal and informal settelments in Kabul City